ECA WorkSmart System

Our goal has always been to become a Best-in-Class construction company that provides optimal service to its clients. Our proprietary ECA Work Smart System, a step-by-step system that provides our team and clients with clear documentation and controls, keeps us on a clear path to success. These detailed checklists and guides were a collaborative effort between ECA’s executive management, project managers, estimators and field staff, and FMI, the nation’s largest provider of management consulting to the worldwide construction industry. Thanks to the ECA WorkSmart System, our knowledgeable team has the experience necessary to anticipate, define and resolve problems before construction begins to avoid a negative impact on budgets, schedules and overall project quality.

“On average, 32% of every labor dollar expended in the construction industry is spent on nonproductive activities. While a portion of this nonproductive labor is outside of the contractor’s control, a significant amount is directly related to the quality and consistency of planning, communication and other various management activities.” – FMI Consultants

Our improved process saves us time and money, which is ultimately passed on to you, our client.