ECA assists Design Team with Luxury Car Dealership in Queens

Eastman Cooke Team

This week the Eastman Cooke team conducted multiple load capacity and uplift tests for the foundation system of a proposed car dealership in Queens. The data collected from the tests will be the basis of design for the deep pile support system. Steel friction piles were driven to depths of 135 to 165 feet below the surface of the site and load tested to 250 tons (500,000 lbs.). The tests will also serve to satisfy the DOB (Department of Buildings) requirements for pile supported foundations.

“We are taking the guess work out of determining soil capacities on this site. With this information, the design team can make decisions that will more accurately predict project costs,” said Peter Morandi, CEO of Eastman Cooke. “This is our proprietary Project Development system at its finest. We appreciate that our forward-thinking client has retained ECA to stay ahead of the curve and develop the budgets, collect actual site data and prepare the site for the upcoming project.”

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