Eastman Cooke Celebrates Women in Construction Week

Eastman Cooke Team

It’s one of our favorite times of the year again!

March 6th through 12th marks Women in Construction (WIC) Week, which takes place right during the first full week of Women’s History Month. Each year, we love to celebrate this awareness holiday that brings visibility to the powerful women working in this field and highlights the opportunities that are available for female construction workers.

Did you know that women make up approximately 9% of the workforce in the construction industry? At Eastman Cooke, we would love to see that number rise.

In a predominantly male-led field, it is so important to shine a light on the women that contribute to this industry’s growth and success, including our very own female leaders and employees at Eastman Cooke. We want to take a moment to thank them for all of their work and empower other women to build each other up and break down stereotypes that exist in this field.

With that said, let’s hear from the amazing ladies that bring so much to the table at Eastman Cooke. This WIC Week, they wanted to share some words of encouragement and a little bit about their own experiences in the workforce.

“In order to succeed, women should be driven, motivated, and exude confidence. The ability to work efficiently and exhibit strong problem-solving skills is also important.” – Melissa Fiore, Controller

It’s important to have the courage to follow your vision. Sometimes the advice that we receive in life is very limiting. By exhibiting courage, you will have the opportunity to make discoveries and to become a leader who forges new pathways. I give this advice to everyone, not just women. I was fortunate to receive the same advice from my own mentors, and I have never regretted building the courage to follow my dreams, shift my career focus, and find my place in the world. – April Intrabartola, Vice President.

I am passionate to present construction as a career choice to young women. Many do not know of the various roles or opportunities in construction. They just think of it as a dirty job. But as one woman executive once said, “It’s just dusty!” As I went for training, half the class were women. That was awesome. Companies are hiring women, but we are now looking for real development. It requires a new approach and women must advocate for themselves. – Imani Milima, Assistant Project Manager

Being detail-oriented is key. Being time-sensitive and having some level of construction knowledge, whether work experience, formal education, or both. Be aware it can be stressful yet equally gratifying. – Aschelle Ferdinand, Project Manager

Once again, tremendous thanks to the amazing women of Eastman Cooke! You make ECA a better place to work. You inspire us all not just during WIC Week, but every day with your unmatched leadership, strength and skill.

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