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Eastman Cooke Team

With innovation on the rise at construction companies, Eastman Cooke is front and center when it comes to the use of technology at jobsites.

During our recent project with Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn (MBB), a drone was used to help us capture powerful images for the project, which entailed building a 20,000 square foot planting area and parking lot, and installing geo pavers and gravel to prevent flooding.

“Drones are a great way to get a view of a jobsite from a different very different perspective,” says Eastman Cooke Project Superintendent Glenn Peden. “The aerial images allow us to get a clear view of the landscape, which can be particularly beneficial during the designing and planning of a project since it enables the project manager to see things that may not be visible at eye level. This helps to eliminate any unexpected surprises that could cost the client money.”  

Before proceeding with the flyover over the MBB site, Eastman Cooke staff conducted proper research to ensure adherence to FAA regulations. For example, drones are forbidden to fly above 400 feet or above airports, stadiums or groups of people.

How Drones Work

Drones operate via GPS making them relatively easy to fly. Many connect to smartphones or tablets, which enable users to view the images in real time. What can be challenging, however, is inclement weather. “Wind gusts can interfere with drone movement, making flying difficult in areas where trees and buildings may pose a risk,” Peden points out. “If the drone needs to overcompensate by flying harder to maintain position, the lithium batteries that most drones are powered by will not last as long.” Drones can fly in rain and snow, however many owners hold off for fear of damaging their expensive machines.

Looking ahead, Peden predicts the rise in technology will continue. “Before the use of drones, construction firms would hire a helicopter to get a birds-eye view of a jobsite, which could be very expensive,” he points out. “Now almost anybody can be their own pilot and get the same views for very little money.“ He adds, “Drones are an excellent tool for companies to grow more efficient. As technology advances, companies need to move forward and keep up with this growing trend.”

For a list of “drone-friendly” locations in New York City, visit https://blog.hivemapper.com/top-10-places-to-fly-a-drone-near-new-york-city-8fef980b09ce.

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