ECA Staff Proves Teamwork Builds Projects, Big and Small

Eastman Cooke Team

Gathering together recently for a fun afternoon of team-building and creativity, the Eastman Cooke staff was tasked with working together to design and create a model structure using a variety of materials.

The employees were divided into four diverse teams, each with an assigned project type: Corporate Interiors, Academic, Core & Shell-New Building, or Medical.

Their creations were later presented and scored by a panel of judges, earning up to five points each for:

  • Creativity
  • Structural Stability
  • Design/Aesthetics
  • MATL Use

The entire staff enjoyed the opportunity to take a break, come together and have some fun while sharpening their design and build skills on a smaller scale.

“It was really fun to watch the staff work together and have so much fun with this activity,” said Director of Administration, April Intrabartola. “I haven’t laughed so hard at work in a long time!”

CEO Peter Morandi was proud of the teams’ creativity and enthusiasm.

“At Eastman Cooke, we value our team’s commitment to quality, communication and collaboration,” he said. “This exercise only strengthened our ability to work together for our clients’ best outcomes.”

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