Eastman Insight: Jobsite Safety in the Era of COVID

As we continue to recognize Construction Safety Week 2021, Eastman Cooke offers an inside look at the many safety guidelines we have implemented this past year to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“Every morning before the day begins, our crews follow a number of important safety practices before heading out to the jobsite,” explains Ray Ruggiano, Superintendent, Eastman Cooke. Workers fill out a daily sign-in log for contact tracing, and their temperatures are taken with a contactless digital thermometer.

Social distancing is regularly enforced throughout the jobsite, and mask wearing is mandatory. All jobsites have hot and cold running water for hand washing, and disinfection of all hard surfaces is logged daily. “We spray down our trailer at least twice a day,” Ray says.

Failure to implement and follow COVID-19 guidelines could result in a fine by the DOB. Therefore, Ray strives for 100% compliance. And when it comes to the daily logbook, he aims to obtain as much information as possible. He even created a questionnaire for workers to initial and complete in conjunction with COVID-19 guidelines.

If anyone answers “yes” to any of the questions, they are sent home immediately.

“Having a paper log (rather than an electronic one) allows for faster, easier access should a DOB inspector come on-site,” Ray explains.

With summer soon approaching, Ray suggests a simple tip to alleviate mask fatigue when working outside in hot weather. He says, “Don’t crimp the bridge of the nose too tightly. This will allow air to better circulate and reduce the risk of fogging up your goggles.”

For more information on industry COVID-19 response and preparedness, visit https://www.agcnys.org/coronavirus/.