Eastman Insights | Important Tips for Elevator Safety

Eastman Insight: Important Tips for Elevator Safety

“Elevator work is never to be taken lightly,” says Ray Ruggiano, Superintendent, Eastman Cooke. “From start to finish, there are many hazardous conditions to be aware of.”

When forming the elevator pit at a jobsite, workers must be prepared to install a safety rail around the perimeter the very next day. “This will help keep people safe right off the bat,” Ray points out.

Following the safety checklist provided by your elevator contractor is critical throughout the project. And when it comes to constructing the shaft, taking the right safety precautions is particularly crucial. Ray strongly recommends following these best practices:

  1. To enter the shaft, you must sign in at the main office.
  2. Only remove a barricade to enter the shaft and be sure to put it back immediately.
  3. Provide adequate temporary light inside the shaft.

Perhaps most importantly, Ray says, “Make sure nobody uses the elevator without someone from the elevator company there to operate it. Safety matters!”