Keeping Our Crew Safe During Extreme Heat

Eastman Cooke Team

When working in the summer heat and humidity, it is important for Project Superintendents to protect their crew from heat stress and illness.


Eastman Cooke Superintendents Ray Ruggiano and Glenn Peden are currently managing an outdoor project and have faced several heat waves in New York this summer. Here are a few of the ways they keep their crew safe and healthy during extreme summer temperatures:


  • Provide a bathroom with cold running water for cooling the face and hands.
  • Invite workers to the onsite project office to rest, drink water and cool off in air conditioning.
  • Provide cooling towels to be placed around the neck or under the hard hat.
  • Advise workers to wear lightweight clothing while being protected from potential hazards.
  • Send workers home if they appear to be unwell or suffering from exposure to the heat, even if they resist. This is for their safety and the company’s as well.
  • Hand out cold bottles of waters as the day goes on. Some workers are too shy to ask for it themselves.
  • Set up a community 5gal thermos of water for all to use.
  • Use fans to move air throughout a building.


For more information and tips on staying well on the project site, click here!

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