434 Broadway

New York, NY

Architect: Ted Moudis Associates

Completing a $2.7 million, multi-faceted infrastructure project in a fully occupied building in Manhattan is no easy task, but the dedicated Eastman Cooke team worked round-the-clock to overcome challenges, create solutions and meet our client’s rigorous scheduling demands to deliver an extraordinary project on time and on budget.

Our work included a full upgrade of the building’s utility systems, including water service, sprinkler service, a new fire pump, and emergency power, while maintaining the existing system for office and retail tenants on nine floors.  There were several complex and challenging aspects of this project including:

  • the installation of a large generator, which had to be rigged onto the roof using a large-scale commercial crane in a high-traffic metropolitan area of Manhattan;
  • the construction and repair of scaffolding around various building conditions, much of which was occupied 24 hours a day;
  • a city-issued embargo against underground utility work, which required a creative solution to avoid the interruption of power service to the building.

Eastman Cooke worked in three 48-hour shifts each week to meet various scheduling demands.  There was a great deal of coordination and permitting between the DOB, DOT, city utilities and adjacent building owners to meet project goals, and the team performed flawlessly.  Multiple interior spaces were also renovated, including the lobby, basement, boiler room, first floor retail space and seventh floor offices.  All of this had to be coordinated around exterior renovations as well.

This complex project is just one example of how Eastman Cooke overcomes challenges to deliver exceptional work to our clients.