Central Assisted Living – Groundbreaking

As Eastman Cooke finalized plans to support the overall vision, we engaged in a productive collaboration with the architect. The Eastman Cooke team is thrilled to begin creating a four-story, 12,000-sq.-ft., ground-up structure on a lot adjacent to Central Assisted Living’s existing facility. The new building will feature 12 living quarters, along with spacious dining/recreation areas, lounges, staff offices, mechanical rooms, laundry rooms and a lobby to provide needed accommodations in the area. The work includes a structural steel superstructure, metal joist and Structo-Crete floor framing and steel-stud exterior framing. This will be finished with beautiful fiber cement lap siding and custom-color Marvin windows, topped off with a gable roof. The project will include full mechanical, electrical and plumbing, along with new services for water, sewer and electric. Kitchens and bathrooms, with step-in shower units, will boast high-quality interior finishes. PTAC heating and cooling units, two gas-fired boilers, smoke hatches, a full fire alarm system and connection to the existing emergency generator are all part of the plan for this vibrant community.

This assisted living facility in the heart of Queens will be a spectacular addition to the neighborhood, and Eastman Cooke is proud to be a part of the effort. Our team is on schedule to complete the project in late 2020.