Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY

Engineers: deBruin and Langan

The ECA team recently completed a Department of Environmental Protection-mandated project at Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn (MBB). The project evolved due to erosion of the 30’ tidal wetlands area (a result of Superstorm Sandy), requiring reconstruction of the landscaped tidal wetlands. The large-scale job entailed building a 20,000 square foot planting area to protect Gravesend Bay from silt and other possible runoff.

Geo pavers and gravel were installed to control flooding, while stormwater dry wells were cleaned to improve drainage and manage surface water runoff. A new parking lot was also built during the project. Crews worked together to transport regulated soil from the job site to landfills in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Throughout the MBB project, ECA maintained and followed deBruin Engineers’ Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). SWPPP’s are a requirement of stormwater permits and address all potential sources of pollution, including sources of sediment associated with construction, construction site erosion and all other activities associated with construction activity.

The collaboration ensured a safe, timely project delivery, and ECA worked with MBB keep their business running smoothly throughout the duration of the project. In addition, the site’s ability to successfully withstand heavy rain continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of the SWPPP design. MBB’s management team has reported that they are “extremely pleased” with the end result.

“There have been a few days of bad weather, which in the past, would have left the rear parking area flooded with water in some parts reaching up to 24” deep,” explains Bill Robinson, Chief Estimator, Eastman Cooke Construction. “Since the parking area has been redone, Mercedes-Benz is left with a leveled parking field that is free of flooding.”