The Greystone Building

7 West 22nd Street, New York, NY

Eastman Cooke restored the historic beauty and charm of this seven-story Flat Iron District building while modernizing it with contemporary elements of design.  Our highly experienced team and specialized contractors provided thoughtful, creative craftsmanship to transform its main lobby from bleak to beautiful, while it remained operational for its tenants.

As part of this detailed lobby renovation, Eastman Cooke exposed and refinished the original marble and cast iron stairway, an architectural masterpiece that represented the buildings charm. The team worked meticulously to restore the staircase to its original grandeur, re-introducing it as a focal point of this newly expansive space.  A gleaming full height glass vestibule wall and entry doors , stainless steel hardware, beautiful storefront exteriors and stunning tilework updated the space and blended the classic design with a fresh modern look for Manhattan.