Andrell “Bud” White

Andrell “Bud” White is an estimator on the Eastman Cooke team with deep expertise in his field. Since joining ECA in 2021, he has put his unparalleled professionalism and over 30 years of construction experience to good use. As an estimator, he is a master at managing a client’s budget, leveling subcontractor bids and preparing the project management team for the scope of the project. 

Bud has an attention to detail and a collaborative spirit that make him incredibly skilled at coordinating project timelines, putting a bid together and keeping the estimating process on the right track. He has estimated and helped close several projects. Bud’s dedication to his work and his excellent rapport with clients and coworkers have established him as an invaluable part of ECA. Outside of work, Bud enjoys spending time with his son, golfing, scuba diving and traveling.

What are some of the key responsibilities of the estimator position?

As an estimator, I am responsible for getting drawings to subcontractors and having them bid the job. I also ensure that we’re getting the right numbers and putting the bid together.

What are the driving factors that help to ensure a winning bid?

In order to win a bid, you’ve got to have the proper subcontractors for the project, the correct number and the correct scope.

Can you take us through the necessary elements that help to fuel successful outcomes for your clients?

There are several key components to succeeding on a project. You’ve got to find out what the customers’ needs are first and foremost. Then, get the design from the client and work with the architects and engineers. Next, you start the job and make sure to follow through to completion to ensure the client is satisfied. The ultimate goal of everything we do is client satisfaction. Last but not least, you have to work within the client’s budget.

How do project development and preconstruction services help the company stay ahead of the curve?

Project development and preconstruction services help us get in touch with the clients as soon as possible. You get to find out what their needs are ahead of time in the design scope and start bidding with the right contractors in the early stages of the project to get the client exactly what they want.

What Eastman Cooke projects are you most proud of and why?

One of the projects I’m most proud of is CarMax in Greenbrook, New Jersey. They are a repeat customer and I got to help with their first ground up project in the greater New York area, which was a $10 million project.

What do you like best about working in construction, and what tips can you offer to someone starting out in the field?

Honestly, every day is a different day. You never know what can come tomorrow and things are always changing. It keeps you on your toes and is a super interesting field. To someone just starting out, I’d say learn your job well and do it to the best of your capacity.

What types of activities or volunteering/community initiatives do you enjoy outside the office?  

In the free time I’ve got outside of work, I like to golf in New Hampshire with my son. I have also been a certified scuba diver for over 30 years and I love traveling.

Can you take us through the collaborative aspect of the job and the importance of teamwork in project delivery?

The most important part is getting the team correct and identifying the right subs, so you can work effectively as a team on every job. Make sure everything is covered for the job and the right skills and expertise are represented. For example, with the CarMax project, I spoke with people on previous jobs for this client to ensure we covered all aspects.

One of the major factors that have contributed to Eastman Cooke’s success is the firm’s Work Smart System. Can you give an example of how this innovative system has fueled successful outcomes for your clients, particularly during the conceptual process?

The best thing the Work Smart System has done for our success is fostering teamwork. It allows us to bid on a project and to work as a team with the architects and engineers as one well-oiled machine. All parties involved work to execute the project together.