Melissa Fiore

During Women in Construction Week, we’re highlighting some of the amazing women who are at the heart of Eastman Cooke’s success.

 Meet Melissa Fiore.

Melissa Fiore’s road to finance was paved while working as a bank teller and interning at the Museum of American Finance as a college student. She never looked back.

Six years ago, Melissa joined Eastman Cooke Construction as a project financial manager, and ever since, she has been vital to the firm’s financial operations. Melissa quickly moved up at the company and was promoted to Controller. In her role, she provides strategic planning in all areas of finance and accounting at Eastman Cooke. Melissa is also quick to serve as a mentor to colleagues when it comes to effective budget management and other pertinent areas.

When she’s not working, Melissa enjoys giving back to the community and contributing to various nonprofits that support vulnerable populations. Melissa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Florida International University and a Master’s in Accountancy from SUNY Polytechnic Institute.

As Controller of Eastman Cooke, what are some of your primary job responsibilities?

 I prepare and manage financial statements, financial reports, overhead budgets, and cash flow projections. In addition, I communicate and ensure financial directives are followed and maintained.

What is your favorite part of the job, and what is your proudest achievement?

My favorite part of the job is building strong relationships with my colleagues, our clients, our vendors, our accountant, and all stakeholders. I also love being the “financial resource” to our team. I find joy in providing financial guidance on all of our projects and helping to meet our company’s needs.

What are some helpful characteristics that women should possess while working in the field of construction (or in any business)?

In order to succeed, women should be driven, motivated, and exude confidence. The ability to work efficiently and exhibit strong problem-solving skills is also important.

Having worked in construction for many years, are there any experiences that you can share as a woman working in a predominantly male industry?

In construction, I have learned that it is not about age, experience, gender, etc. It’s about what you can bring to the table to move a project along.