Peter Morandi – Chief Executive Officer, LEED AP

Peter comes from a long line of contractors. Growing up just outside Boston, he watched his father, grandfather, uncles and cousins build the business by managing workers’ personalities, keeping the equipment running and living up to clients’ expectations. He learned a lot in those formative years, and never doubted that construction would be his life’s work. Peter studied Construction Management and Engineering at Roger Williams University and headed south to New York shortly after graduation. After 10 years as a construction manager, director of operations and chief operating officer for a leading NYC contractor, Peter started Eastman Cooke in 2009.  Taking great pride in his team and projects, he runs the company with a focus on collaboration, innovation, safety and reliability.  He believes in asking clients the right questions, creating solutions, and delivering projects without surprises.

“Using the experiences we have as a foundation, we build on a client’s individual needs. We always want to create value in everything we do.”