Training Employees to be the Messengers of Site Safety

Eastman Cooke Team

At Eastman Cooke, safety training is a large part of our award-winning corporate culture. From project engineers to superintendents to senior project managers, we support and teach our field staff to carry out this important mission.

“The best thing you can do to protect a company is to protect your workers,” says Tony Catanzaro, Director of Operations, Eastman Cooke. “Construction is a high-risk business, so investing in proper safety training is essential.”

To ensure Eastman Cooke staff meet industry regulations and requirements, we connect workers to the following training resources:

  • Mandatory OSHA 30-hour training for all project specific employees
  • Mandatory 4-hour scaffold training
  • First aid training

In addition to the above, Eastman Cooke provides in-house classes taught by safety experts. During our monthly superintendents meetings, new safety protocols are discussed, along with measures we put in place. Tony explains, “We review any issues that have been encountered and share ideas on to how to further enhance jobsite safety.”

To keep staff apprised of new safety regulations issued through the NYC DOB, Eastman Cooke informs workers electronically or during weekly/monthly staff meetings. A mandatory safety orientation is held at all jobsites, while current NYC DOB/OSHA requirements are checked and monitored daily for all on site workers. Safety issues are also covered during weekly toolbox talks at our jobsites.

“At Eastman Cooke, we have a penalty system in place for recurring violations of safety protocol on our projects,” Tony points out. “Additionally, our safety program is an executed part of every subcontractor contact.”

To ensure maximum safety, Eastman Cooke always appoints a qualified, competent super on site to oversee every project. Other ways our firm successfully oversees safety management include:

  • Having an on-site safety plan at all times
  • Displaying proper signage and notifications throughout the site, in addition to any DOB requirements
  • Conducting regular third party safety jobsite audits

“Through our extensive planning, communication and relentless commitment to safety, Eastman Cooke continues to maintain an excellent safety record,” Tony says. “Many thanks to our hard-working staff for their outstanding dedication to safety management.”

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